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Give the Gospel for Christmas


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Vic’s War

In April 2016 I read an article entitled "Vic's War" online in Leadership Journal. Vic was a bombardier in a B-17 who flew over 90 missions during World War II, including one over Dresden on February 13, 1945. I was so moved by the article that I wrote to one of Dresden's major newspapers and asked if they would be interested in publishing it. They were. They did

A First-Rate Feast

In November 2015 the FeG Dresden-Süd – Evangelical Free Church Dresden-South – held its first public event: an American Thanksgiving Dinner. Nearly 90 people came to the dinner—many had heard of Thanksgiving or seen clips of the popular American holiday in the movies—but few had ever experienced it first-hand.

BFA Fall Class Trips 2015


High school classes travel to historical sites in Europe each autumn as BFA sends it students on class trips. Freshman go to WW1 trenches and the sophomores spend the day at a German concentration camp in France for French resistance fighters. The Juniors spend four days traveling across France to visit the Normandy invasion beaches and cemeteries. Seniors visit cities in Italy for a week.

Challenging Transitions

BFA Opening Ceremony

For MKs (missionary kids), dealing with constant transition is a way of life. Transitions can be challenging no matter where you live, but for a lot of MKs they can be especially challenging. Why? Because their transitions often occur cross-culturally and lead to separations of great distances as their parents and friends relocate to different corners of the world. Anna Key has not only experienced this first-hand, she's now assisting other MKs who are experiencing challenging transitions.

News about Germany

Clicking this link will open a page showing news of German current events – either news directly from Germany or news about Germany from sources outside Germany. The items listed help paint a picture of German culture as whole and so can help us understand this land in which TEAM works better and pray more effectively for it and TEAM's workers there. This page was last updated on September 24, 2015. Disclaimer: Neither TEAM nor TEAM-Germany is responsible for the content on any external websites.

Locker Irony

A former missionary kid in France who never learned how to open a school locker in middle school now teaches at Black Forest Academy's middle school for missionary kids—ironically she is now known as the "locker opener."

A New Tool for Evangelizing Secular Europe

The MyLife-Workshop is designed to appeal to the postmodern secular mindset of many Europeans … "What they don't want is something pre-packaged. They do not want answers to questions that they themselves have not asked. They want something open ended, they want something where the outcome is less foreseeable."

From the Heart

In 2010, I was in the United States for a brief visit when a routine x-ray during a doctor’s appointment revealed a mass. After undergoing surgery and regaining my strength, my husband and I went back to Germany to resume our work there. When I returned to the orchestra, the question asked by many was, “Did you lose your faith?”

Searching for Truth

He's an asylum seeker from the Middle East who recently arrived in Germany after a long and dangerous journey. He speaks no German, but that doesn't stop him. He visits the church anyway …

Haus of Hope

Haus Jesse

Black Forest Academy is an international, English-language boarding school in the southwest corner of Germany. About half of the students live in dorms in the Kandern area during the school year because their parents serve in distant lands. Boarding schools have their unique challenges, as this article by TEAM Resident Assistant Danielle Germaine makes clear.

Refugee Influx Leads to Tensions in Dresden

Police on Pegida Duty

There are more refugees worldwide now than there have been at any time in history. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) there were 16.7 million refugees worldwide at the beginning of 2013 and the growing influx of refugees into the European Union has been astounding. Sweden, Malta, Cyprus and Germany take in the lion's share of refugees in the 28-member EU. In Germany, the increasing number of refugees has led to societal tensions on one hand and opportunties to serve the downtrodden in Jesus' name on the other.

A Catalyst for Camaraderie on the Court


TEAMers Ian and Beth came to Germany late in 2012 when they were denied a visa to Austria; they started learning German in Augsburg, Germany, in preparation for a move to VIenna after their visa application was finally approved. Austria? Ian's prowess on the basketball court in college resulted in contracts to play professionally after he graduated—in Austria and Croatia. Presently, he's the assistant coach and a player for a top club in Augsburg. Read about one of his encounters on the court …

Dared to Move

Women in Augsburg build friendships with neighbors by inviting them to a Zumba aerobics class.

His Prized Possession: A Big-League Baseball Cap

Coach Jeff Refereeing

In the summer of 2014, Jeff and Anne Ingram got their first experience at one of the EV Free Church of Dresden's DASS_Camps (Deutsch-Amerikanisch Sprach & Sport Camp) or German-American English & Sports Camp. Dealing with one troubled teen proved challenging, but by the end of the week he'd won a genuine St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap. Read on to find out what was so challenging, how he got the cap and what event the cap led the family to attend in November. – story written by Jeff Ingram

Small Gift Makes Big Difference

Dresden Tram Nr. 4

You never know where a simple act of kindness will lead. At the EV Free Church's baptismal service in June, one man told his story about how one Christian's simple act of kindness changed his life. – Written by Jeff Ingram

Conversations at the Bus Stop

Dresden Streetcar

Life in a big city like Dresden has a number of advantages, one of which is an extensive public transportation system of street cars, buses and trains. In order to get to know the city better and to be among people, we've chosen, at least for the time being, to live without a car. We take public transportation everywhere and continue to meet and get into conversations with people about our purpose in Dresden. In February 2014 we had two encouraging conversations on one trip … written by Jeff Ingram

The Predictability Here Can Be Comforting

Jeff & Anne Ingram

As a result of their unique perspective on local life and close integration into the local culture, missionaries occasionally get unexpected publicity. The Germany Local asked its Twitter followers to explain why they should win tickets to a comedy on language learning and Jeff Ingram ended up getting interviewed for the Local's column "My German Career."

EV Free Church in Wertingen Meets the Press

One of the challenges of starting a new church in Germany is the lack of name recognition; many Germans have never heard of the German Evangelical Free Church (Bund FeG in German) and because they've never heard about it, they tend to either be indifferent or suspicious. So when the local news media expresses interest in a new church and actually publishes an article or two with pictures about it, the church members wait on pins and needles to see how the press will portray them – and to see how the community will react. That's what happened to the FeG Wertingen recently when its two leaders – Ted Holzmann and his German ministry partner – landed on the front page of the Wertingen News. Click on the title above to read more . . .

Extending Grace in the Classroom

Most of us have probably experienced it in school at one time or another: You get behind doing homework, you don't do well on a test and things just seem to get worse as the semester progresses. The consequences in school are usually clear: you get what you deserve. But what if students were given another chance? What if students were offered grace instead of "ungrace"? Read about one TEAM teacher's surprising experience with extending grace in the classrom.

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