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Haus of Hope

Twelve teenage girls, two Resident Assistants (RAs), and a set of dorm parents comprise the boarding school dorm known as “Haus Jesse.” This little Haus is a home-away-from-home for some spectacular, unique students known as MKs (Missionary Kids) and TCKs (Third-Culture Kids). These students have lived abroad for most of their lives, speak more than one language, and desire to impact the world in big ways. Some of them would even consider their international school in Germany, Black Forest Academy, the closest thing to home.

DanielleI'm Danielle, one of the two RAs that call Haus Jesse “home.” After the Haus Jesse dorm parents had to leave Germany in the middle of the fall 2014 semester, they left a gaping hole and none of us were sure when we would get a new set of dorm parents to fill it. We RAs did the best we could, hoping and praying that God would provide for our dorm and comfort hearts during this significant change. We also prayed that God would accomplish His purpose in our dorm, ultimately that the twelve girls would better know and love Christ.

Meanwhile, a couple in their sixties named Brent and June Jespersen had been vacationing in a nearby town, celebrating their recent retirement. As former dorm parents at Black Forest Academy and another school in Malaysia, they loved students and German culture and even secretly hoped God would make a way for them to stay longer and continue in the ministry to MKs and TCKs that was so dear to them.

Just three days after our dorm parents' departure, I received a phone call from the Residence Life directors—potential replacement dorm parents would stop by in two hours to meet us. Yikes!

I suddenly became fearful and unsure, not wanting to start over with a brand new pair of leaders. Before the school year started, we had been given an entire month to get to know our old dorm parents—to plan, prepare, and dream of the future years we would have together in Haus Jesse. I just couldn't imagine having to do it all over again.

Haus Jesse

Amazingly, when the Jespersen's arrived at the dorm, I relaxed. I had never seen this couple before, but I trusted them nonetheless. The woman hugged me so tightly and whispered something encouraging in my ear. All of a sudden, this Haus felt even more like home. Just two days after our old dorm parents left, the Lord brought two strong, courageous, and wise individuals to love and lead this Haus full of girls.

Life in Haus Jesse has continued on in their capable hands. God has also been at work restoring relationships and healing hearts among the girls. What was such a scary and unknown time in the fall, was actually the very thing our dorm needed. We are all so thankful that Brent and June responded to God's call for them to stay in Germany when they could have so easily traveled back to Canada to be with their children and grandchildren, according to their original plan. Through this, I have learned much of Christ's gracious, persevering love to care for and preserve His children, as He has so done for His daughters in Haus Jesse.

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